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IBC’s top 10 tips for safe driving this Victoria Day weekend

The upcoming Victoria Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season and summer season traffic. Thousands of Ontarians will be taking to the roads. To help with safety on the roads during the holiday weekend, the Insurance Board of Canada is suggesting the following tips:

– Never drink and drive. Alcohol and drugs reduce a driver’s reaction time. If you have had a drink, use a designated driver.

– Avoid

driver distractions such as talking on a hand-held cellphone and texting. According to a recent Virginia Tech study, up to 80% of all motor vehicle collisions in North America are a result of driver distractions.

– Use seatbelts, car seats and booster seats properly.

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– Obey the rules of the road, respect the rights of other drivers and drive according to road conditions.

– If you’re experiencing driver fatigue, pull off the road to a safe spot and have a nap. Driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as impaired driving.

– Share the road. Be cautious of cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Always yield to vulnerable road users, even if they don’t have the right-of-way.

Don’t be intimidated by night driving. Drive carefully and use your headlights properly, including being courteous when using your high beams.

– Have your vehicle checked to make sure everything is working properly. Repair or replace worn parts. Check fluid levels and tire pressure. Make sure all lights work.

– Before you tow a trailer or haul a load, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped for the job. Check your owner’s manual or contact your vehicle dealer. Ensure that your rear-view mirrors give a clear view of the road.

If you see a wild animal on or near the road, brake firmly, but don’t swerve. Sound your horn in a series of short bursts to frighten the animal away.

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