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Protect your home via social media when away

With summer coming, people are gearing up for getaways. The emergence of social media, however, is blurring the lines between sharing personal details for fun, and putting yourself in danger. Social media has almost completely erased any notion of privacy. When you go on vacation, it’s not just the people at your job who know about it, it’s your entire Twitter following. A simple status update about your trip can tip off thieves, making your home and valuables vulnerable to theft. Here are six easy tips for protecting yourself and your home on social media.

1. Don’t update any statuses or “tweet” the dates that you are going away. Also, be sure to utilize the privacy settings on social media sites correctly to ensure that strangers are not seeing things you didn’t intend for them to see.

2. Be careful when using the “check-in” feature on Facebook, and be weary of apps that share your location to others. The new generation of apps broadcasts your location at all times to friends — and in many cases to people you don’t even know. These apps are persistent unless you pause them, or turn them off.

3. Don’t write about how frustrated you are because your front door doesn’t shut properly, or about how you’re getting new windows installed over the weekend.

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4. Don’t post photos of the new 52” TV in your living room or the vintage Harley Davidson in your garage.

5. Be careful to monitor what your children are posting i.e.: “Parents gone all weekend! House to myself!”

6. DO post updates or “tweet” about the great new security system or locks you just had installed.

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