The Bancroft Public Library CEO has officially quit. As of 3:00pm today, Chris Stephenson’s resignation took effect.

Stephenson says there are three main reasons why he’s leaving. He says the first is that he can no longer vouch for the safety of the building since the town decided to lock the door to the library’s furnace room.

Acting Mayor Paul Jenkins says there was an issue in the furnace room, so the town had to cordon it off as required by Health and Safety Guidelines.

Stephenson says another reason behind his resignation is the town’s lack of effort to address accessibility issues at the library. Jenkins has acknowledged the accessibility issues, but says a study will be done to address them by looking into moving the library into a new building and turning it into a community hub.

Stephenson says the town has also denied a number of his requests, like introducing pay equity for staff, and also made it difficult to have signs put up directing people to the library. Jenkins believes these are communication issues, but says the needs of the library will be addressed by the town.

Stephenson says he wishes the best for the town, the library, and all Bancroft residents in the future. Jenkins says the library is very important to the town, and adds Stephenson did a great job for it. Jenkins says the library board will be in charge of finding a new CEO.