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Computer Fraud Returns

You are being warned of a couple of telephone/computer scams that have been reported in the area. In the first one, a caller from a company calling itself as Global Commination, calls their would-be victims and says that there is a problem with their computer. The victims are then asked to confirm personal information which may included Social Insurance and Credit Card Information. You are reminded to never give out personal details or information unless it is absolutely necessary and then only when you trust the person you are dealing with.

The second scam is the “Anti-Virus Scam.” Here you may get a call from someone claiming to be from a major software company and they have found a virus in computers in your area. They will ask you to log onto a web site they provide, and say they need remote access to your computer to fix the virus. If you do this, they will tell you the fix is not free and you owe them money. The real danger is in giving someone remote access to your computer. You have no idea what information they will steal and the harm that can be done to both your financial and personal information.

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