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Police Warn of Animal Collisions During Hunt Season

With the Deer Hunting Season underway, the chance of collisions with wild animals can increase. Such collisions can result in serious vehicle damage, personal injury, or death and police are reminding you to use extra caution while travelling area roads and highways. They have some tips to follow:
Stay in control of your vehicle and never swerve suddenly to avoid an animal and scan the road ahead from shoulder to shoulder.
If you see wildlife beside the road, slow down and pass carefully as they may bolt suddenly onto the road.
Stop as safely as possible. Brake firmly if an animal is standing on or crossing the road and remember if one animal crosses the road others may follow.
Never assume an animal will move out of your way. If hitting an animal is unavoidable, remember to stay in control and look where you want to go and not the animal.
At night use your high beams where possible and watch for the glowing eyes of animals ahead
Stay Alert, especially in the early morning, at dusk, and at night.

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