Bancroft now has a clearer picture of steps it can take to make its waste water treatment plant as efficient as possible.

This comes after the results of a week-long Comprehensive Performance Evaluation were presented during an exit briefing today. The evaluation looked at the design, maintenance, operation, and administration of the sewer plant. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Senior Program Analyst Aaron Law says the goal was to determine what changes can be made to the plant to make the best use of it.

Global Facilitation Inc. Owner Gerry Wheeler was also involved in the evaluation. He says the plant is working well, has excellent performance, and adequate capabilities. Wheeler says the next step will be to use the evaluation results to create an optimization program to achieve a more stable level of process control.

Aaron Law says there will be some other steps to put in place as well. Law says that includes improving the teamwork between the town and its plant operator.

The process of studying and implementing these steps will continue into 2019.

CAO Hazel Lambe says she is impressed with the evaluation, which provided the town with much more information about the plant. Lambe says the town will go forward with the study which may identify alterations, and could in turn have an effect on waste water rates. She says the town will not know how it will affect rates until the study is completed in 2019.

Veolia Project Manager Duane Forth says the evaluation was spot on. Forth says operations at the plant will be boosted thanks to this program, and staff will be well trained.