North Hastings’ Fire Chief is concerned about a proposed provincial law that would require mandatory certification for firefighters.

Fire Chief Pat Hoover says, if the law passes, firefighters will need to be professionally certified. He says this could limit how services are delivered and increase their cost for municipalities.

Local firefighters are currently trained to National Fire Protection Association standards, which are internationally accepted. Hoover says many local volunteers may not be able to commit the time needed to get certified.

If passed, the requirement for mandatory firefighter certification could come into effect as early as next year. Hoover says that timeline would be far too tight to even begin rolling out the training.

Bancroft and Tudor and Cashel have expressed concerns about these proposed changes. Both say they do not think the changes will make fire services safer, or increase skills and knowledge for volunteers.

You have until March 11th to weigh in on the potential changes. Click here to find out more.