A move to support Ontario’s small brewers is a great way to help the market.

That’s according to Bancroft Brewing Co. Brew Master and Co-Owner Logan Krupa, which comes as the province has announced steps to grow small breweries in Ontario. One is to reduce beer taxes for microbreweries from 90 cents to 40 cents-a-litre. Krupa says this is important to grow the market because almost half the price of beer is taxed.

The province says it will also get rid of taxes on up to 10,000 litres-a-year for beer sampling or tasting. Krupa calls this a great idea to help people discover craft beers.

The province is also making sure that 20 per cent of shelf space in grocery stores is reserved for small brewers. A new agreement is also being worked out with the Beer Store to improve product placement, shelf space, and marketing of craft selections. Krupa says product placement is huge for breweries trying to break through into the market.

Krupa says he is currently in the application process to start selling Bancroft Brewing Co. products in LCBO, Beer Store, and grocery stores province-wide. If approved, they could be in these stores by winter.