It’s always a sad sight when walking down the street and walking past a homeless person asking for change. M.P. for Hastings-Lennox and Addington Mike Bossio wants to change that.

Bossio says he wants to get local organizations together that want to help build affordable housing.

Bossio adds that there are many kinds of shelters. Short-term housing like Shelters, mid-term housing for people who have a new place lined up, but have a month or two before they can move-in and long-term affordable that’s geared to income.

He says that there’s a tremendous need for Shelters for Men, Woman and Youth.

He says there’s already one group in Bancroft that are working to build seven shelters, but they are the only group doing so in his riding.

He says he wants to work towards solving this dilemma that exists within our society. For more information on affordable housing and for information on how you can help you can contact Mike Bossio’s office by email.