It’s an issue that affects many people and businesses throughout Eastern Ontario – poor cell connection.

The Eastern Ontario Regional Network announced that all M.P.s in the region have put in their support to the Federal government to help get funding for improved cell service. They purposed a $213 million public-private partnership to improve the reach of cell data in rural Eastern Ontario.

Warden of Hastings County Rodney Cooney says that these improvements are important to help grow our communities.

He adds that it can be unsafe driving sometimes because you could be in an area with no service. If you run out of gas or get into an accident you would have no way of contacting anyone for help. It’s a safety issues that he wants to solve.

The new Conservative Provincial government has committed to provide its share of $71 million during the election cycle. EORN is now focusing on getting the Federal government to provide its $71 million share.