With the great weather outside, now is the perfect time for kids to run outside and spend the day outside. The problem? They aren’t.

That’s what the Healthy Kids Community Challenge wants to change this Summer. Over the next three years, Provincial funding up to $375,000 will be provided to Hastings and Prince Edward County to help promote children’s health.

Emily Bray is the local project manager with Healthy Kids. There’s a new challenge every nine months and the current challenge is “Power Off and Play.” She says that getting them away from a screen and getting them outside is important.

She says that getting kids outside and away from their screens is an important way to help them get more active and have more social interactions with friends and family. Bray says it could be as simple as making sure that you sit down and have a family dinner every night.

For more on the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, visit their website here.