If you’re riding on ATV trails, make sure you don’t accidentally start a wildfire.

That’s the message from Renfrew County ATV Club President Teresa Hebb, who says the easiest way to avoid this is to make sure your vehicle has a properly working spark arrestor.

Hebb says a spark arrestor as a small piece that goes inside the exhaust of an ATV to prevent sparks from flying out. She says it’s important to check up on it regularly to make sure it’s working properly.

Hebb says with how dry it is on trails, sparks from your exhaust can pose the threat of starting a fire. She says the only problem is, some people take spark arrestors off to make their ATV louder.

Hebb also adds that a lot of aftermarket exhausts for ATVs and dirt bikes don’t come with spark arrestors, but you can buy one at your local dealership.

All municipalities in Renfrew County have total fire bans in place, which means no burning of any kind and no fireworks are allowed.

(Written by: Matt Latour)