The principal of North Hastings High School says the only way to make the school yard safe is to define its boundaries.

That’s the message Principal Wayne Stewart wanted to get across during a Community Safety and Well-Being meeting late last month. He said that “shady people” have been hanging around the area around the school causing a disturbance and confronting staff. He says he wants school property boundaries to be better defined to allow school officials the authority to control who is on it.

At the Committee meeting, Stewart said that police were called to get someone off school property.

Kerry Donnell, the Communications Officer for Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, says that school safety is always the board’s priority. She adds that school administrators are working closely with Bancroft OPP to keep the school safe. Donnell added that the possibility of officers making routine visits to the school to help maintain a positive relationship is on the table.

At a special Council meeting last week, Council voted to prepare an agreement that will extend the school’s authority on High School Lane for trespassing enforcement purposes.