UPDATE – 07/20, 3:00 PM: Tracy McGibbon has put her name down for nomination for Councillor – Ward 1.

With seven days until the nomination deadline the new Town Clerk Lianne Sauter is not concerned by the lack of nominations.

The deadline to file is Friday, July 27th at 2 PM. Currently, the only Councillors who have put their name forward are Wayne Wiggins for Ward 1 and Charles Mullet for Ward 2. Town Clerk Lianne Sauter says, at minimum, three Councilors and a Mayor would need to be nominated.

Sauter adds that if they do get to the 27th with no additional nominations, they can call for an extension. That would happen on the following Wednesday.

Sauter added that she doesn’t expect to see less than 4 nominations come the 27th.