With the ballot for the upcoming Municipal election official, candidates are getting ready to hit the campaign trail.

Valerie Miles is one of the three candidates vying to be elected at Councillor for Dungannon Ward. George Eastman and Bill Wellwood are the other candidates.

Miles has never ran for Political Office. She says, though, that her past job experience has taught her the basics of what she needs to know.

Miles currently sits on the Bancroft and Area Association of Realtors Board. She was also a Regional Director for the Ontario Real Estate Association. She also worked on the Finance committee for two years when she was the Director at Large with the OREA.

Miles says that she wants to be a candidate that listens to the people. She says she loves Bancroft and wants to make sure it stays a kind and supporting community.

Miles says that while she may not know everything about every issue, she plans to find out about them by asking those who knows the most about them: the people of Bancroft.