The total fire ban in Bancroft and other municipalities in North Hastings is still on.

The municipality of Hastings Highlands has lifted their total fire ban. They are now under a daytime burning ban which means no burning is allowed from 7 AM to 7 PM. Despite this, a total fire ban remains in effect for the following municipalities in North Hastings:

  • Town of Bancroft
  • Faraday Township
  • Wollaston Township
  • Limerick Township
  • Tuder/Cashel Township
  • Carlow/Mayo Township

A total fire ban means no open-air burning of any kind. That includes campfires used for cooking and warmth as well as the use of fireworks and flying lanterns.

The fire ban for those townships has been in place since July 10th. It will remain in effect until significant rainfall. North Hastings Fire Chief Pat Hoover says he will speak with the other municipalities again on Monday their options going forward.