The Bancroft Business Improvement Area’s proposed budget for 2019 was approved at council today.

The budget isn’t much different than what it was last year. They are asking for a $500 increase in legal and accounting to $2,000 from $1,500 and a $1,000 increase in supplies to $2,000. There will be $100 less budgeted for the flower decor that’s been put up around town. It goes down from $6,600 to $6,500.

The $61,500 that’s asked for in the budget is the same as last year.

The BBIA’s proposed budget now go to their annual general meeting. It will be presented there to members and they will vote on whether to approve it. Membership is automatic to anyone living in a designated area. For Bancroft, that’s Ward 1 which can be defined as the rough area surrounding the downtown core.

The full budget can be viewed here. The meeting will be held on October 30th.