Upper Ottawa Valley OPP wrapped up their campaign that they started to remind people to keep valuables out-of-sight when leaving their car.

They ran the campaign over the weekend with auxiliary OPP officers checking vehicles parked at the Petawawa Market Mall, Pembroke’s West End Mall and at other Municipal park lots in Pembroke. They note that of the 258 vehicles checked, 32 were unlocked. The report says that multiple vehicles had valuables like cell phones of sports equipment in plain sight. OPP Constable Shawn Peever says that thieves are looking for an easy target. “They’re looking for a car with the windows down, door unlocked or where they can see valuables in plain view,” Peever says. That’s why it’s important to keep those valuables in a safe, out-of-sight place, Peever says.

OPP officers placed notices on vehicles to tell the person what they didn’t do to protect their car and what they should do next time. They did the same for people that properly protected their vehicles. Peever says that taking those few extra seconds to make sure your car is properly locked can save you from getting robbed.

Peever suggests that, when possible, keep your valuables with you. If you can’t do that, the next best place to put valuables is in the trunk.

The Upper Ottawa Valley OPP’s “Lock it or Lose it” campaign will continue throughout the year.