While it’s something that could be beneficial, he’s not going about it the right way.

That’s what Mayor Paul Jenkins is saying about Premier Doug Ford using the notwithstanding clause to overrule a judge’s decision on cutting down Toronto council. Bill 5 would reduce the size of Toronto council almost in half from 47 wards to 25. Jenkins says that it’s a slippery slope using the notwithstanding clause. He added that it’s something that should be saved for more critical events.

Jenkins says that this could be something that improves efficiency on council. “His (Premier Ford’s) overall goal is for efficient government,” Jenkins says. Jenkins added, “there comes a time when you can’t do things the same way because it becomes too expensive.”

Jenkins added that the possibility of reducing Bancroft council is there down the line. He says that if you can get council and staff running together efficiently it could work. “I think as we move forward we’re going to have to look for all efficiencies possible,” he says. The minimum number of members council needs to have to function properly is five, Jenkins says. He sees that as doable number for Bancroft. Jenkins added that it’s hard to say though if it would work in Bancroft. “The people that I have on council right now are excellent to work with. We work together and look after different areas of interest,” he says. He added that there could be more potential benefits that we don’t know about yet.

My Bancroft Now reached out to Mayoral candidate Councillor Mary Kavanagh, but she was unavailable for comment.