Council decided this week that more work needs to be done on what to do with Bancroft’s winter maintenance this season.

Public Works Manager Perry Kelly proposed to Council earlier this week his plan to keep Bancroft’s winter maintenance in-house. However, council defeated the motion and asked Kelly to do some more work before a decision is made.

While Kelly says it would be more cost efficient to do winter maintenance in-house, the first year of the contract would be more expensive than usual. That’s because they would have to install a salt storage facility. In the second year of the contract, the cost would fall in-line, Kelly says.

Kelly says he’s going to put in a request for proposal to find other contractors that might be interested. He says once that closes on September 21st, he and his staff will look over the RFPs and decide what the best option is. After that, Kelly will bring their decision to council on the 25th for them to vote on. “I expect to see a broad spectrum of pricing from high end to low end,” Kelly says.