He hopes that Bancroft can see all the work the Legion does to help the community.

That’s what Larry Shattraw, President of the Bancroft Legion, is saying with Legion Week coming up next week. Shattraw mentions that the Legion donates money to many different organizations like the Hospital Auxiliary. Shattraw adds that having a week-long event dedicated to the Legion will help them raise more money to donate around town.

Legion Week starts on the 17th and goes until Sunday the 23rd. The Legion will be open to visitors all week. Shattraw says the main attraction during the week will be the Steak dinner held on Thursday night. There will also be a live band playing on Friday night.

Shattraw added that this year the Legion is focusing on donating money local fisheries. He says they’ve already donated $1,000 to the North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery. They’ve also donated another $2,000 to two veterans-based charities.