My Bancroft Now has the details on the proposal that has been submitted to the North Hastings Recreation Center Fundraising Committee.

The Fundraising Committee controls the $192,000 that is in the Pool of Dreams Fund. They set a deadline of September 28th for residents and businesses in North Hastings to submit a proposal for what to do with the money. A source on the committee says one proposal was submitted. My Bancroft Now has learned that proposal came from the Bancroft Family Health Team.

Sandra McGrath, the Executive Director of the Bancroft Family Health Team, says the proposal details how they would like to build a therapeutic pool with the money. As a charitable organization, McGrath says they can accept a restricted donation. That means that if the committee decides to go forward with BFHT’s proposal, they can restrict the money to being only used for one purpose. That purpose has already been confirmed as something that is pool related. “It provides protection for the money to only be used for the purpose that the committee gave it to us for,” McGrath says.

McGrath says she knows the money was raised with the intention of building a recreational pool, but $192,000 isn’t enough to do that, she says. “Not even close,” she added. A therapeutic pool is more cost effective, McGrath says. “The therapeutic pool can be used in the community to be used for various therapy services,” she says. She continues, “they can be used in physio, used to promote exercise, used to assist people who have disabilities or injuries in safely performing exercises that they couldn’t do out of the water.”

“With my proposal I was trying to propose something that would be sustainable and that would be affordable and cost effective to use the money in a way that would perhaps benefit the community,” McGrath says. She added that the pool would be open for everyone in the community to use.

My Bancroft Now’s sources on the North Hastings Recreation Center Fundraising Committee were unavailable for comment.