Going into Thanksgiving long weekend, Algonquin Park is going to be a popular destination as people want to see the leaves changing colours.

That’s what¬†Rick Stronks, Assistant Superintendent of Algonquin Park, is saying as we go into the long weekend. Stronks says that the best time to see colourful leaves in the last week of September and the beginning of October. “We’re a little bit behind on what would be the average,” Stronks says. He added that the colours of the leaves are very strong now, though.

Stronks says the colours changed based on a few things. The main reason behind leaves changing colours is less daylight, he says. The¬†chlorophyll (green part of the leaves) breaking the light down and storing it in their roots for the winter brings out the background colours like red and brown. “Depending on temperature, on frost, on sunny days, on the moisture content, all of those can change the timing (on the colour change) by a couple of weeks,” Stronks says.

Stronks says the best places to see the colourful leaves are along Highway 62. He adds that if you’re coming in from Bancroft or Barry’s Bay, you’ll have a good view of them as well. He does say though that the Park will be very busy this weekend. If you are going, Stronks suggests coming in from the east gate instead of the west gate. If possible, he suggests coming in during the week, rather than the weekend.