The Bancroft OPP are reminding you to lock it or risk losing it.

Officers responded to a mischief complaint on Monck Street in Bancroft on November 1st. After speaking with the owner of an ATV, officers noted it had been damaged, had the ignition tampered with and parts had been removed. No suspects are known at this time, but Bancroft OPP believes that the unknown suspects attempted to steal the ATV the night before.

With this attempted theft in mind, Bancroft OPP wants to remind residents about the importance of keeping your vehicles safe. A province-wide campaign by the OPP dubbed “Lock it or Lose it” was run in September. During it, OPP gave tips about how to do what you can to prevent your vehicle or things in your vehicle from being stolen. They suggest you cover larger items like ATVs and to keep them out-of-sight. They say it’s also a good idea to lock larger items to a fixed object like a pole or fence or store them in a secure building with no windows like a sheld.

For cars and trucks, they say to always keep your windows up, doors locks and valuables in the truck or out-of-sight.