If you plan on going to Algonquin Park this winter, you should follow these tips.

David Legros, Park Naturalist at Algonquin Park, says winter hiking is something everyone can enjoy if you do it safely. There are a recommended eight trails that you can walk on this winter but Legros says you have to take note of the temperature and how dark it is. He suggests that everyone carries a headlamp or a flashlight as it gets dark early, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself walking back to your vehicle in total darkness.

He tells My Bancroft Now that the park gets more snow than most of its neighbouring communities, so it’s important to be well dressed. Proper attire and sturdy winter boots are recommended (or snowshoes if you plan to go off trail). Even when the conditions seem perfect, Legros says you have watch out where you stand. When it comes to scenic lookout spots, he says the edges might be slippery with the snow hiding some of the potential hazards. Winter tires are also important to have as driving up the park’s hills without them could be dangerous.

As for wildlife, Legros says you can expect to see moose and other animals roaming around. Before making your trip up to Algonquin Park, visit their website for trail conditions or stop by their visitor information centres at the East and West gates.

Written by: Devon Jolander