It’s the time of year where many of the newly elected municipal politicians are sworn-in.

Bancroft will be holding their inaugural meeting of council Tuesday morning at 10 AM at the Dungannon Recreation Centre. New councillors Andra Kauffeldt and Valerie Miles will be welcomed to council while Mayor Paul Jenkins will continue as Mayor after he defeated Councillor Mary Kavanagh in October’s election.

Wollaston Township’s inauguration day will be Monday at 9 AM at 90 Wollaston Lake Road. There was controversy surrounding the election in Wollaston with Acting Clerk Verna Brundage alledging “unethical practices” had taken place by candidates during the campaign. Barb Shaw was elected at the new Reeve of the Township while Councillor Lynn Kruger was elected Deputy Reeve. Tim Conlin, Jay Morrison and Darlene Colton were the three newly elected councillors.

Hastings Highlands will hold their inauguration on Monday at 7 PM at the municipal office in Maynooth. Vic Bodnar was elected as the new Mayor while Tracy Hagar was elected as Deputy Mayor. Tony Fitzgerald, Nancy Matheson, Dorothy Gerrow, Tammy Davis and Alex Walder were voted in as councillors.

The Township of Carlow/Mayo will hold their inaugural meeting of council on Tuesday at 9 AM at their municipal office on 3987 Boulter Road. Limerick will hold their inauguration day on Monday at 12:30 PM at their municipal office. Tudor and Cashel Township will welcome in their new council members on Tuesday at 12:30 PM.