Bancroft’s council for the next four years is ready to move the Town forward.

The inauguration of council was held Tuesday morning at the Dungannon Recreation Centre. Former Bancroft Mayors Lloyd Churchill and Bernice Jenkins were on hand for the ceremony. Chief Stephen Hunter of the Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquins spoke about how important their relationship with the Town has been. He also presented Mayor Paul Jenkins with a ceremonial Eagle feather. “We are all one,” Hunter said.

In a funny moment, Reverend Lynn Watson had to handle the introductions during the inauguration because Acting Clerk Lianne Sauter is suffering from laryngitis.

After council was inaugurated, Mayor Paul Jenkins stepped up to deliver his opening remarks.

“We’re not just providing services for Bancroft, we’re providing for all the outlying municipalities as well,” Mayor of Bancroft Paul Jenkins said. During his opening remarks, he stuck to the theme of moving forward. Jenkins talked about how to move forward council needs to continue to work on partnerships with the public, organizations and the higher levels of government. “We all need to move forward with a vision to improve the town,” he said.

One of Jenkins’ priorities since becoming Mayor has been working with the upper levels of government to recognize Bancroft as a community hub. He mentioned how Bancroft has the services a community hub needs but doesn’t have the tax base.

Jenkins also talked about how he wants to work on solving the affordable housing problem Bancroft faces. He added that while it may not seem important, the beautification of downtown is a priority for council as well. “We need to put our best foot forward for the all the tourists that come through,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins finished his remarks by saying “don’t waste your council seat,” to his fellow council members. “Your council pledges to do the best for Bancroft and for all of North Hastings,” he said.