Maynooth’s Christmas parade is set to light up the night.

At least, that’s what Joey Shulman, the parade coordinator, hopes to see happen this Saturday. The parade is set to start at 5 PM just after it starts to get dark. “It’s beautiful to see the Christmas lights in the dark,” Shulman says.

He mentioned that no pre-registration is required. Whoever wants to participate can, Shulman says. “We never know year-to-year whose coming,” he added. Shulman says floats start arriving around 4 to be judged, then they are organized by the parade marshall before the parade starts at 5. It’s expected to last around half-an-hour. Environment Canada predicts it will be -6 degrees and mostly cloudy at 4 PM on Saturday.

The parade will start on Young Street, turn onto Old Hastings Road before heading up Highway 62 and ending back at the old Community Centre. Santa will be on the last float along with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Once the parade is done, Santa will be at the Community Centre for kids to take pictures with. There will also be snacks for the kids.

Shulman adds that the parade won’t be the only thing going on in Maynooth that weekend. Earlier on Saturday, Home Again will be hosting a live auction and micro-chipping pets from 11 AM until 4 PM. Santa will also be on-hand so you can get a picture of him with your pet. There will also be over 40 local vendors at Emond Hall for Maynooth’s Farmers’ Market with the crowd spilling over to the Arlington after to listen to local bands play. The Market starts at 11 AM and goes until 6 PM.

“Whatever time of day you decide to come, the streets will be filled with Christmas cheer,” Shulman said.