Faraday council for the next four years know the Town like the back of their hand.

That’s the message  Dennis Purcell, the new Reeve of Faraday Township, wanted to get across at inauguration earlier today. “We have a very strong contingent,” Purcell said. Council, which now includes two new members, boasts close to 70 years of experience. “I only have 15 years of experience so I feel like a rookie today,” Purcell joked. Bill Green and Murray Bowers are the two newly elected councillors, while Carl Tinney slides from the Reeve seat he had been in since 1991, to a councillor’s seat just down the table.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish over the next four years, Purcell said bringing high-speed internet to the area will be important. He added that Faraday is “desperately” looking for funding from the Provincial and Federal government to work on building up Faraday.

Purcell also talked about the importance of the relationship between Bancroft and Faraday. Mayor of Bancroft Paul Jenkins said during his inaugural address that working with the other municipalities in North Hastings will be important over the next four years, and Purcell agrees with that. “It’s paramount that we all work together,” Purcell said.