UPDATE, 12/06: You can also donate online through the Canada Helps website.

Since 1989 they’ve been making sure everyone in the community has a joyful Christmas.

“It’s an important charity because there are a lot of families in need right now in our area,” says Jennifer Foster, Chairperson for Kids in Need. “We don’t want to see any child go without a Christmas,” she adds.

While the charity is for people who are less fortunate, it also helps those who may be momentarily down on their luck. Foster mentioned that someone might need help this year because of an unexpected car payment or because they lost their job. “There are some people who may have a financial setback and they need some extra help,” Foster says. “If they can get it from getting some Christmas toys for their kids, it helps take the stress off of them during the holidays,” she continues.

When asked about how important the community is when it comes to Kids in Need, Foster didn’t hesitate in her answer. “We live in one the most giving communities I’ve ever experienced,” she says.

Foster says that come Friday at 6 AM when the radiothon starts, every donation matters. She adds that every donation will be appreciated whether you donate $5 or $5,000. “It is the true Christmas spirit,” she says.

The Kids in Need radiothon kicks off at 6 AM on Friday and runs until 6 PM that night. You can pledge your donation by calling the station during those hours at 613-332-1423. You can drop by the station as well. The address is 30674 Highway 28 East.