You won’t need to worry about the Mayor of Hastings Highlands having a lack of ideas on how to improve the Municipality.

Vic Bodnar, new Mayor of Hastings Highlands, was inaugurated along with the rest of council earlier this week. “I have a great council and great staff at the municipality,” he says of the people he’ll be working with for the next four years.

“How many days have you got?” Bodnar said when asked about his plans for Hastings Highlands. Bodnar mentioned he wants to start with making Hastings Highlands a four-season destination. “The general public that came through don’t really have a reason to stay,” Bodnar says. “I think there’s been a lack of communication between council and the Municipality and the public,” he says. That’s why he wants to work on holding open forum state of the community meetings so council and residents can have a conversation about what’s going on in Hastings Highlands. “We have a lot of really intelligent people out there with good ideas and we want to take advantage of it,” Bodnar says.

Bodnar says he’s already started doing something he’s excited about: a Facebook page. He says he will detail his day-to-day life as the Mayor to give people a behind-the-scenes look at what he’s doing.

Bodnar finished by saying that the relationship between Hastings Highlands, Bancroft and the rest of North Hastings will continue to be important. “We don’t want to build a fence between neighbours,” he says.