“The more great minds that are looking at an issue or problem, the greater the likelihood of solving that problem,” says Barb Shaw, Reeve of Wollaston Township.

Shaw says this as Wollaston moves towards a Committee of the Whole model of governance.¬†“We have some massive goals that have been identified,” Shaw says. That’s why she wants to bring residents in to sit on committees to help with the Township’s ideas.

Shaw mentioned during her inauguration speech that two pressing issues Wollaston is facing are the need for a new fire hall and library. That’s one of the reasons why this is important, Shaw says. “We need more than our small municipal staff and council,” she says. “We need the entire community to join us and share resources to get this done,” Shaw continues on the topic of moving these ideas forward.

The committees that will be opened for the public to join are:

  • Recreation committee
  • Economic Development, Tourism and Planning committee
  • Budget and Finance committee
  • Works committee
  • Environment¬†committee
  • Communications committee

“Historically, there’s been a lot of dissension in Wollaston Township,” Shaw says is the second reason for getting more input from residents. She says she wants to bring in residents early in the process to talk to them to avoid “community dividing situations.”

“I don’t think it matters the size of your community,” Shaw says. “Good governance is not about a few people sitting at a table making a decision, good governance is saying to stakeholders what can we do to facilitate your goals and your dreams,” she continues.

Shaw says that she understands that some people are hesitant to sit on committee or council meetings because of the time they happen at and how long they run for. That’s why she says the Township will get creative in using technology to allow those people to have their opinion heard.¬†“I want people to stay involved between elections,” she says.

“I just really want people to feel welcome no matter what their life experience no matter whatever their skill level is,” Shaw says. She put it simply when she said, “if you feel you have something to offer, please offer it.”

If you want to join one of the Township’s committees, applications are available on their website. The deadline is January 10th, 2019.