Rick Phillips has been sworn-in as Warden of Hastings County.

The current Reeve of the Township of Tyendinaga previously served as Warden of the county from 2012 to 2016. During his two year break, Rodney Cooney served as Hastings County’s Warden. “I believe and endorse fully the County’s basic mission: to support families, individuals
and communities through the provision of our services,” Phillips said. “There is no more important,” he added.

Now that’s it down to business, Phillips says his focus will be on improving connectivity in the County. “I would say the biggest challenge right for all of us is to get improvements in cellular coverage and high-speed internet coverage for as many of our residents as possible,” Phillips said.

He added that following the County’s Housing and Homelessness strategy to work on safe and affordable housing will be important as well. Phillips says he will also be working the Joint Long-Term Care committee to “transform” the Hastings and Centennial Manors towards “a truly socialized model of care and away from an institutionalized approach,” Phillips said. “This will include working with the Province to increase the funding of our two homes so that more front-line staff can be hired to provide at least four hours of direct daily care for each resident,” he continued.

Rick Phillips will serve as the Warden of the County for the next two years.