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You Don’t Always Have to Throw Away Your Heating Ashes

Don’t leave your ashes inside your house.

Many families have been keeping themselves warm by the fireplace over the holidays which can cause a buildup of ashes in many households.

That’s why Corwin Quade, Fire Chief of the Madawaska Valley Township Fire Department, wants you to be careful. He says that if you’re burning wood, you should leave the ashes outside for at least three to five days before disposing of them. He suggests to put them in a steel pale and keep it away from any structures like a deck. Ashes can be tricky, Quade says, because while they can appear to be cold on the surface, they may still have a lump of hot coal under it. That’s why he says it’s important to make sure the ashes are safe to use before using them or disposing of them. If you don’t and it gets windy, it could cause problems, Quade says.

He does add that you can then find different uses for ashes. One that he suggested is using ashes as a traction aides for when your car gets stuck in an icy spot on the road. Quade says you can also use them as a natural fertilizer to grow vegetation in the summer. He added that you should always make sure there are no things like nails in the ashes since people often burn wood that has been used for other purposes.

Written by: Devon Jolander

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