Bancroft OPP is ready to patrol snowmobile trails this winter.

Constable Philippe Regamey with the Bancroft OPP says that along with regular patrolling officers, the OPP’s S.A.V.E (Snow-Vehicle, All Terrain Vehicle and Vessel Enforcement) unit has been brought in too.

Regamey says they will be patrolling to ensure that all riders are licensed and have proper insurance. He adds that one of the main reasons for collisions on the trails speeding, which is why they will be making sure riders are obeying the posted speed limits. “The main reason we’re out on the trails is to keep people from driving aggressively,” Regamey says.  He adds, like always, making sure no one is driving impaired will be a priority too.

There will be R.I.D.E checks done as well, Regamey says. Officers will be positioned at intersections in marked vehicles to do checks, as well as on snowmobiles patrolling the trails. “Typically it’s travelling down trails and stopping at certain locals and doing R.I.D.E. checks,” Regamey says.

He went on to mention that it will be important for riders to stick to the trail and not veer off onto private property. “Eventually landowners might get upset and completely close down their property which could close down the trail,” Regamey says.

Upper Ottawa Valley OPP announced this morning that they have begun patrolling the trails in their region as well.