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Residents Joining Wollaston Township Committees Announced

Many residents applied, and now the chosen few have been announced.

Wollaston Township Reeve Barb Shaw announced in December 2018 that multiple committees would be opened up for residents to apply for. At council on Monday evening, the names of those who made the cut were announced.

Darren Stevens, Mike Mehak, Rick Fox and James Woodward will join the Environment and Public Works committee.

Luke Mellors and Dianne Noftle will join the Economic Development, Tourism and Planning committee while Karen Challinor, Jane Johnson, Rob Cosby, Brenda Cosby and Roxanne Lambert will continue their roles with that committee.

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Cayman Heath, Ina Yevdokymova, Denise McCormick, Lawrence Hilts and Sharon Hilts will sit on the Recreation committee with Lori Wood, Crytal Wannamaker, Bonnie Hilts and Patty Embury staying on as committee members.

The Budget and Finance committee will see Roxanne Lambert, Dianne Noftle, Mike Mahak and Luke Mellors be added.

Cayman Heath was the only resident added to the Communications committee.

Council also spoke about the training they’ve been getting since being elected. Councillor Tim Conlin spoke about the presentation that was given to multiple municipalities by Bancroft’s Acting Clerk Lianne Sauter. “The meeting certainly opened our eyes to a lot of things,” he said.

Councillor Darlene Colton proposed council getting Township-owned personal devices instead of using ones they used before being elected. This way, Colton says, it will make it easier for residents to contact them. They will have phone numbers and emails dedicated to municipal business rather than numbers and emails unrelated to council’s duties.

Councillor Jay Morrison had also mentioned earlier that he would like to see it set-up that residents need to make appointments to meet with council or municipal staff. He says it would be most efficient if it’s done that way rather than have people walking in to meet with them.

Wollaston Township’s next council meeting will be held on February 4th.

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