Hastings Highlands’ Fire Chief Danny Koroscil has given My Bancroft Now the details on the house fire that happened in Maynooth.

“It was a fully involved structure fire,” he said. He added that the fire department got the call around 9:30 AM on Sunday and battled the fire until 6:30 that night. Koroscil says they had to go back on Monday to finish off the fire since the extreme cold made it difficult to battle the remaining flames. They had to bring in an excavator to dig up what the ice had covered the night before.

“It was brutal,” Koroscil said about the cold weather. The fire department’s equipment was malfunctioning while they battled the fire, but Koroscil added that it’s normal for that to¬†happen in cold weather.

“Because of working smoke alarms occupants were able to get out,” Koroscil said. That’s why he wants to make sure all residents check their smoke carbon monoxide¬†alarms. Koroscil added that you need to make sure you have an escape plan as well in case a fire does start.