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North Hastings High School Student Looks to Make Exams Less Stressful

Grade 11 student at North Hastings High School Brianne Crawford has done her part to make exams less stressful.

Crawford is apart of the Youth Advisory Board of North Hastings. With help from them, she applied for and got the “Taking it Global Rising Youth” grant.

She says it started when she attended a conference last year with other students. The students spoke about what they do to help their community. Crawford says one student mentioned how they created “exam packages” to help other students deal with stress. Crawford says she liked the idea and started working to get the same idea package to students at North Hastings High.

With funding from the grant, the Youth Advisory Board was able to create Panic, Anxiety, Stress, Support (P.A.S.S.) kits. They were given out to all the students at North Hastings High before their exams started. “These kits aim to reduce stress and anxiety over the exam time for students,” a press release sent out by the advisory board reads. The P.A.S.S. kits include tools and items to help students reduce their stress. The items range from a pencil and a water bottle to stress balls and adult colouring books.

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“During the exam period a lot of my friends and kids in our high school get very stressed and they resort to other things,” Crawford says. The stress packages, she says, will help her and other students deal with that stress. “If you go into an exam really stressed it doesn’t lead to the best things,” she mentions.

“I thought these kits would help take the professionalism out of exams and give a little bit of fun to make it less stressful,” Crawford says.

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