Students lost a lot of school time because of bus cancellations, but the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board isn’t going to extend the school year.

Communications Officer with the School Board Kerry Donnell tells My Bancroft Now that while the cancellations were a “unique circumstance” the board will not add onto the school year to make up for lost time. School buses have been cancelled seven times in North Hastings so far this year.

She says the board puts it in the hands of the schools and teachers to make sure students catch up on their work. “There is ample time in the school year for educators to work through the curriculum at both elementary and secondary schools,” she said in a statement. “We certainly count on them to use their professional judgement to work through the lessons and plan accordingly,” she added.

Many students still do go into school despite buses being cancelled, Donnell says for many it’s an opportunity to have one-on-one time with teachers. “It’s an opportunity for them to talk to teachers if they have any questions about the material that they were working on at the time of the cancelled classes and if there is any catchup required,” she said.

The second semester has already started at secondary schools while mid-year report cards will be sent home with elementary students on February 19th.