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Hydro One Wants to Make Sure You’re Prepared in Case of a Power Outage

It’s a good idea to be ready for when the light switches won’t work.

Alicia Sayers, a spokesperson for Hydro One, says that with these weather conditions homeowners should always be prepared in case of an outage.  Although she says the company uses an outage prediction tool that prepares crew members where outages may happen, it may take time before power is restored.

She says having an emergency kit prepared is a must for homeowners. She recommends having items such as canned food with a non-electrical can opener, blankets, extra batteries and cash close by. Other items she recommends are any medical items you require, a wind-up or battery powered flashlight, a radio and candles.

She says that you can also prepare by signing up to their email and text message alert service to receive notifications of potential outages in your area. In the case where a power line is down, she said you must stay at least 10 meters away from and you are advised to report it by calling them at 1-800-434-1235.

For more information, visit Hydro One’s website.

Written by: Devon Jolander

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