The United Way of Hastings and Prince Edward were able to top what they raised last year.

They brought in $1,882,708 for this fundraising year. That’s better than the $1.86 million that was raised last year. The new executive director of the local United Way Brandi Hodge says she’s “thrilled” with what was raised. She added that they’re now in the process of allocating those funds to the 37 agencies and 70 programs they help fund. Who gets what funding will be announced in March.

2018 was the United Way’s 60th year locally, which is why they set the fundraising goal for the year at $2 million. Hodge said hitting that goal was a “stretch.” She added that the purpose of the high goal was to challenge the community as well as the United Way to work to get as close as possible to hitting it.

Hodge says that even though they just wrapped up the 2018 fundraising campaign, they’re getting right back at it. She says they will begin planning for the 2019 fundraising campaign soon. There will even be a new event on the calendar. Hodge says car dealerships in the region (including some in Bancroft) will donate $10 per car sold over a three month period starting in April.

The fundraising goal for the 2019 campaign will be announced in September.