The Township will be getting $35,840 in federal funding through the Municipal Asset Management Program to help with their asset management plan. Reeve of Carlow/Mayo Bonnie Adams says the current plan was set four years ago.
When speaking with My Bancroft Now, M.P. for Hastings-Lennox and Addington Mike Bossio says that an asset management plan is “vitally important” to have. “Municipalities in Ontario need to have an asset management plan to determine the lifespan of different assets that are within the Municipality and when they need to be upgraded, renewed or expanded,” he says. “It helps us to hire a professional who deals and creates these plans,” Adams adds. She says that Greenview Environmental Management has been brought on to work on the Township’s asset management plan.
“If you don’t have a strong asset management plan your projects are not going to appear as necessary as someone else’s projects may appear if they do have a sophisticated asset management plan,” Bossio says on the importance of having the plan in place. Adams points to 2018 when the rehabilitation of Boulter Road was their number one priority. She says that because it was on their asset management plan, they were able to get funding to do the work. Bossio says that this helps “level the playing field” when it comes to the different levels of government making decisions.
“With the $35,000 that’s going to help us look at our future and what we need to do moving forward,” Adams says.
Loyalist Township also received federal funding. They got $101,200 through the Green Municipal Fund.