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War Amps Sending Out Key Tags Beginning Today

The War Amps are sending out key tags to Ontario residents starting today.

Public Awareness Officer James Jordan says people will receive them through the mail. Jordan says the organization has been supporting amputees in Canada for over 100 years and the key tags have been around for over 70 years.

“Since we’ve started the service for Canadians, we have returned more than 1.5 million sets of lost keys back to the owners.”

Jordan says it’s a free service and although there’s no obligation to donate, they do encourage it. There is a nine-digit confidential number on it that’s linked to your name and address. Jordan adds it’s already activated when you receive it. Jordan adds they don’t receive any government grants and they spend less than 10-percent on administration.

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“So that means 90-percent of the donations we’re receiving are going to the actual cause, which is financial assistance for artificial limbs for child amputees across the country.”

Jordan adds they are also supporting amputees of all ages across the country and it really is because of the key tag service. They also provide emotional assistance through many programs like Champ Seminars.

Jordan encourages everyone to check their mailboxes for the key tag and attach it to your key-chain.

Written by Courtney Crowder

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