The OSPCA has decided they want to ride in the backseat when it comes to enforcing legislation on animal cruelty.

Daryl Vaillancourt, Chief of Humane Programs and Community Outreach for the OSPCA, says that after 100 years of enforcement, the charity will not be enforcing the province’s animal welfare legislation after April 1st.

He says that they’ve been restructuring their business model since late 2017 and decided that it was best for the organization and the animals that they focus their efforts on other programs. “Only 20-percent of our efforts are related to investigations, the other 80-percent is on sheltering and spay and neutering programs and others,” Vaillancourt says. “We do a lot to make sure animals have a better life and we want to put 100-percent into that.”

The OSPCA did offer the provincial government a three-month transitional phase. He adds that regardless of whether that is accepted, at the end of June the government will need to have found a new phone number to dial when it comes to animal cruelty investigations.

Written by Devon Jolander