A report on what Bancroft council makes has been made public.

A total of $121,257.78 was spent on wages in 2018. Mayor Paul Jenkins made the most at $26,496.36 in wages with another $3,399.33 being paid out for travel, conferences and training and other expenses. Deputy Mayor Charles Mullet was the next highest earner at $18,768.24 with $3,405.29 being added on top of that for those other expenses.

Former Councillor Bill Kilpatrick was paid $3,864.06 in 2018. He resigned from council in March 2018. Mary Kavanagh, who ran as a candidate¬†for Mayor in October’s election, was the third highest earner at $14,168.22 in wages and another $3,660.11 coming in for other expenses.

Newly elected councillors Valerie Miles and Andra Kauffeldt made $1,288.02 each last year after being elected in October.

In total $121,257.78 was paid in wages to council with another $14,186.33 being paid out for other expenses like travel, conferences and training.

A break-down of the expenses is on the Town’s website.