Public Works Manager Perry Kelly knows the road conditions in Town are poor.

“The winter weather conditions, including higher than normal snowfall (and snowfall frequency), a freeze/thaw cycle, and ice buildup have led to these poor road conditions,” he says.

“Public Works crews have been busy trying to keep water running by breaking up ice and opening ditches and drainage systems and repairing potholes,” Kelly says. He says to contact the Public Works Department at 613-332-3331, extension 221 to report potholes.

With the poor road conditions, Kelly reminds pedestrians and drivers to be caustic as they go around Bancroft. “Freeze/thaw cycles during the spring melt season can lead to further ice accumulation on sidewalks and roads, and as the snow melts there may be water ponding on roads, which may pose a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles,” he says.

Kelly notes that crews will begin grading the roads as soon as the weather permits.