Enjoy nature while being safe.

It’s national wildlife week and Algonquin Park’s naturalist David Legros says that tourists have already started flocking to the park to enjoy nature.

While you camp, hike and do other activities, it’s always important to keep wildlife in mind. He says to make sure you clean up after yourself or it might impact the animals. Legros does say that generally visitors have a “leave no trace” mentality, but some do end up leaving garbage behind. “It’s a good way to not have (animals) investigate garbage bins, we don’t want them to associate food with humans,” he says. Legros adds that there are waste disposal containers on all campgrounds and in high-use areas and on some trailheads.

Other rules that are important to keep in mind when visiting the park is to keep your dog on a leash no longer than two meters. “You don’t want to bother wildlife,”  Legros adds. “You want to see them in their natural habitat so keep a safe distance and don’t take animal selfies because if you’re too close, it could be dangerous.”

More on national wildlife week can be found on Algonquin Park’s website.

Written by Devon Jolander