32 students were suspended for not having up-to-date vaccinations, with another two coming from North Hastings.

When speaking to Hastings-Prince Edward Public Health program manager Bill Sherlock at the start of April, he told My Bancroft Now 588 students in Hastings and Prince Edward counties were unvaccinated with 28 coming from North Hastings. Those numbers are down after 588 students were sent home with notices to get their vaccinations updated, with 28 in North Hastings getting a notice. “It’s been remarkable,” Sherlock says. “The nurses have worked really hard to call all the students and so have the school staff to make sure the students and parents are aware.”

17 of the students that were suspended today got their vaccinations updated almost right away, he says.

Sherlock adds that last year 582 students were suspended last year for having out-of-date vaccination records.

Clinics are being run today by Public Health and will continue to run all of next week. You can find out more on how to update your child’s immunization records at their website.