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Students With Out-of-Date Vaccination Records to Return to School May 14th With or Without Updated Records

28 of the 32 students suspended for having out-of-date vaccination records in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties have gotten them updated.

That is what Public Health’s program manager Bill Sherlock tells My Bancroft Now just under a month after those students were suspended. 17 students got their records updated the same day they were suspended, with another eight getting them updated the next week.

Sherlock says four now remain with one of them going to school in North Hastings.

Regardless if those students get their vaccinations records updated, Sherlock says they will return to school on May 14th. “At some point, you have to draw the line,” he says. “Are we going to punish the student and keep them out of school and deny them education based on this?”

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Sherlock says that Public Health now has a record on nearly every student in both counties. If an outbreak does happen at a school, they will be able to pull the records of all of the students and remove any unimmunized students from class.

Public Health is continuing to book appointments for their immunization clinic. You can find out more on their website.

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