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Canadian Children’s Book Week a Chance to Teach Kids How Important Books Are

“It’s very important for children to expose children to books at a young age,” Hastings Highlands Public Library CEO Rod Moffitt says about Canadian Children’s Book Week.

He says he read to his daughter when they were younger and has continued to do that as they’ve grown up. “Reading books together is a very special opportunity to make connections between parent and child,” he says. Moffitt adds that there are lots of “learning moments” that happen when reading like when parents explain pictures to their kids or teaching them how to spell certain words.

While having a week dedicated to reading is great, Moffitt says making sure kids continue to read throughout the year is important. That’s why the library brings in students from Maynooth Public School to have books read to them by a librarian. They’re also allowed to sign out a book afterwards.

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